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C RAD141S 02
C RAD141S 03


Radiello Starter kit: BTEX &VOCs (TD)


radiello® is a long-established radial diffusive (passive) sampling device for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), used for indoor, outdoor, workplace, and personal monitoring. The diffusive body can be fitted to the supporting plate in either a vertical or horizontal position. A shelter is available, which is recommended for outdoor sampling.

Starter kits are available that include both the cartridge and appropriate diffusive body, along with a support plate and adapter, plus a blank cartridge as a shipment blank.

Application of radiello include:

  • Industrial perimeter monitoring
  • Occupational health monitoring
  • In-situ soil contaminant mapping
  • Vapour intrusion
  • Pollution mapping
  • Indoor air quality assessment

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There are four types of diffusive bodies to suit the various cartridges on offer.

  • The white diffusive body is for general use.
  • The blue diffusive body is opaque to light and is suited to the sampling of light-sensitive compounds.
  • The yellow diffusive body is used to reduce sampling rates slightly, so as to not overload the analytical system. This can be useful in TD-based sampling because samples are not subjected to the 1,000-fold dilution steps that is commonly used with solvent extraction.
  • The permeable diffusive body, is a thick silicone membrane strengthened by a stainless-steel net and a microporous cylinder. It is employed for sampling of anaesthetic gases and vapours.

Radiello allows the sampling of a range of compounds (gases and vapours):

  • VOCs
  • Aldehydes,
  • Phenols,
  • Butadiene and isoprene,
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S),
  • Hydrochloric acid (HCl),
  • Hydrofluoric acid (HF),
  • Ammonia (NH3),
  • Ozone (O3),
  • Nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide (NO2, SO2),
  • Anaesthetic gases and vapours

See how to use radiello in this video.

Part numbers:
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