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SPME Fibers 01
SPME Fibers 01


Smart SPME fiber- PDMS


Sorptive extraction is a convenient approach for complex samples and for monitoring persistent organic pollutants in foods, beverages and other products derived from natural sources. In SPME, (solid-phase microextraction) fibers are coated with absorptive phase(s), to extract volatiles in either headspace or immersive modes.

  • Compared with static headspace, SPME can offer improved selectivity and concentration capability
  • A variety of sampling phases are available to extend the applicability of SPME over a range of target analytes
  • SPME can be extended to SPME–trap with the Centri sample extraction and enrichment platform

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SPME extraction is dependent on the equilibrium between the sample matrix (either liquid, solid or headspace) and the absorptive phase. Analytes that become absorbed into the SPME phase are subsequently desorbed using a heated injector before transfer to the GC column, a process that can be fully automated using Centri. The simple solvent-free nature of SPME has led to its increased popularity across a range of application areas, particularly in food and beverage analysis, clinical studies and environmental analysis.

SPME–trap is an innovative injection mode that provides enhanced sample information by improving peak shape and so enhancing detection limits, and also by allowing multiple sample enrichments onto the focusing trap prior to injection.

A manual injector kit is available for manual sample introduction to the GC.

Part numbers:
S2-ARR1115-SEL5-S2 - S2-ARR11-A-100/20-P1 - S2-ARR11-A-100/20-P3 - S2-ARR11-A-100/20-P5 - S2-ARR11-C-WR-120/20-P1 - S2-ARR11-C-WR-120/20-P3 - S2-ARR11-C-WR-120/20-P5 - S2-ARR11-DVB/CWR120/20-P1 - S2-ARR11-DVB/CWR120/20-P3 - S2-ARR11-DVB/CWR120/20-P5 - S2-ARR11-DVB-120/20-P1 - S2-ARR11-DVB-120/20-P3 - S2-ARR11-DVB-120/20-P5 - S2-ARR11-P-100/20-P1 - S2-ARR11-P-100/20-P3 - S2-ARR11-P-100/20-P5 - S2-ARR15-DVB/CWR120/20-P1 - S2-ARR15-DVB/CWR120/20-P3 - S2-ARR15-DVB/CWR120/20-P5 - S2-ARR15-DVB-120/20-P1 - S2-ARR15-DVB-120/20-P3 - S2-ARR15-DVB-120/20-P5 - S2-ARR15-P-100/20-P1 - S2-ARR15-P-100/20-P3 - S2-ARR15-P-100/20-P5 - S2-ARR15-P-250/20-P1 - S2-ARR15-P-250/20-P3 - S2-ARR15-P-250/20-P5 - S2-FIB-A-85/10-P1 - S2-FIB-A-85/10-P3 - S2-FIB-A-85/10-P5 - S2-FIB-C-WR-95/10-P1 - S2-FIB-C-WR-95/10-P3 - S2-FIB-C-WR-95/10-P5 - S2-FIB-DVB/C-WR-80/10-P1 - S2-FIB-DVB/C-WR-80/10-P3 - S2-FIB-DVB/C-WR-80/10-P5 - S2-FIB-DVB-65/10-P1 - S2-FIB-DVB-65/10-P3 - S2-FIB-DVB-65/10-P5 - S2-FIB-P-100/10-P1 - S2-FIB-P-100/10-P3 - S2-FIB-P-100/10-P5 - S2-FIB-P-30/10-P1 - S2-FIB-P-30/10-P3 - S2-FIB-P-30/10-P5 - S2-FIB-P-7/10-P1 - S2-FIB-P-7/10-P3 - S2-FIB-P-7/10-P5 - S2-FIB-SEL5-S1 - S2-FIB-SEL5-S2 - S2-SARR15-C-WR-120/20-P1 - S2-SARR15-C-WR-120/20-P3 - S2-SARR15-C-WR-120/20-P5


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