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Application Note 028
Application note
Categories: VIAQ Consumer and industrial products Indoor air quality Vapour intrusion Plastics Thermal desorption Canister sampling Active sampling Passive sampling Thermal desorption tube sampling Canister & bag sampling Sorbent tube-based Thermal desorption tubes Application note

Optimising analytical performance and extending the application range of thermal desorption for monitoring air indoors and inside vehicle cabins

Application Note 028

Thermal desorption (TD) is a readily automated gas extraction technology based on standard gas chromatography parameters that provides an efficient, high-sensitivity alternative to conventional solvent extraction.

Though inherently simple, many factors contribute to the performance and efficiency of the TD process, which in turn determines the ultimate sensitivity and reliability of a TD-based analytical method. These factors include retention efficiency (during sampling/focusing), desorption efficiency, artefacts, band broadening and analyte/system stability.

This application note describes optimisation of these parameters. Examples of optimum method performance in terms of precision, linearity and sensitivity are presented. A novel approach to overcoming the traditional one-shot limitation of TD is also described. 

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