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Single-tube thermal desorption unit with unmatched upgradability

UNITY-xr™ is an industry-leading thermal desorber providing state of the art functionality and exceptional analytical performance for individual sorbent or sample tubes plus unmatched upgrade flexibility for tube, canister and on-line automation. It’s perfect for research laboratories, labs with low throughput requirements and those wanting to explore the business potential of thermal desorption for the first time.

UNITY-xr is also available with our award-winning Multi-Gas functionality. UNITY-xr Multi-Gas is the only single tube thermal desorber optimised and independently certified for operation with a choice of 3 carrier gases: helium, nitrogen and hydrogen. Hydrogen carrier gas offers fast, cost-effective analyses and protection against future helium shortages.

Market-leading advantages of UNITY-xr

  • Eliminate helium dependency – Use of hydrogen, nitrogen or helium as a carrier gas with our  Multi-Gas UNITY-xr.
  • Sample security – Unique among single tube desorbers UNITY-xr offers quantitative sample re-collection for repeat analysis, overcoming the one-shot limitation of historical TD systems and offering simple method/data validation.
  • Cost saving – The electrically-cooled focusing trap eliminates the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogenic cooling and removes the risk of ice blockages thus maximising uptime.
  • Versatility – UNITY-xr can be combined with additional modules to allow automation of multiple TD tubes, canisters and/or on-line air/gas samples – making UNITY-xr the perfect platform for expansion as the needs of your lab grow.
  • Broadest available application range on one TD platform – UNITY-xr is compatible with organic compounds ranging in volatility from C2 to n-C44 hydrocarbons plus reactive and thermally labile species. The unbeatable split versatility (splitless to 125,000:1) also enables both high-concentration and trace-level samples to be analysed.
  • Compliance with standard methods – Stringent leak testing, re-collection and a range of advanced water management options ensure full compliance with key standard methods from numerous regulatory bodies, including US EPA, Chinese EPA, CEN, ISO, ASTM, HSE, JSA and NIOSH.
  • Enhanced performance – An inert flow path and backflush trap desorption eliminate the risk of discrimination, minimise artefacts and optimise data confidence.
  • Compatibility with GC and GC–MS from all major manufacturers – minimises the upfront investment required to investigate new TD markets for your lab. UNITY-xr can even be interfaced to direct MS instruments for high throughput targeted analysis.
  • Easy and intelligent operation – Built-in standard-method parameters, automated self-checking diagnostics and usage/maintenance counters maximise instrument uptime.

Versatility in 60 seconds

In this video we explain the versatility of Markes’ UNITY-xr thermal desorbers; being able to process samples from sorbent tubes, canisters, bags and even directly on-line

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