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Cryogen-free water management module for online and canister samples

Kori-xr™ is a module that efficiently removes humidity from canister or on-line samples acquired using Markes International’s UNITY-xr systems, without affecting analyte recovery. It’s ideal for laboratories needing to carry out on-line or canister analysis of humid air streams while avoiding the loss of polar species, oxygenates and monoterpenes that can occur with other approaches to water management.

Benefits of Kori-xr

  • Improved performance – Using Kori-xr results in better chromatography for C2 compounds, non-polar C3+ compounds, monoterpenes and polar VOCs in humid environments, compared to a Nafion™ dryer or a trap temperature of 25°C.
  • Easy system integration – Kori-xr is compatible with UNITY-xr systems configured with Air Server-xr or CIA Advantage-xr modules.
  • Selective water removal – An electrically-cooled trap selectively removes water prior to analyte focusing. Trapped water is then expelled at the same time as sample desorption from the UNITY-xr focusing trap, without increasing sampling or analysis times.
  • High sensitivity – Part-per-trillion detection limits are easily achievable when used in conjunction with regular GC–quad MS.
  • Better productivity – Simultaneously analyse very volatile organic compounds and polar & non-polar species.

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