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Multi-tube thermal desorber with advanced re-collection options

UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro™ is our highest capacity, automated thermal desorption system for the unattended sampling of up to 199 sample tubes in a single sequence. Its automated re-collection of tube and trap desorption split flows is unique to Markes and provides the most comprehensive re-collection options and enhanced sample security. It is ideal for laboratories needing to rapidly process large numbers of tube-based samples and take full advantage of the options for sample re-collection and automated re-analysis.

Benefits of UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro

UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro offers all the benefits of the UNITY-xr, plus:

  • Multi-Gas UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro – for the first time, enabling certified thermal desorption instruments to be run with a choice of carrier gases: helium, nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Maximum productivity – Overlap mode and capacity for up to 199 × 3½″ tubes allow you to maximise sample throughput – for example, by running an unattended sequence over several days.
  • Advanced re-collection – With fully automated quantitative sample re-collection from all split flows, UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro offers sequenced repeat analysis and simple method/data validation, as well as overcoming the ‘one-shot’ limitation of other systems.
  • Enhanced sensitivity – Stacking of multiple tube samples on the focusing trap of UNITY–ULTRA-xr Pro increases sensitivity for samples restricted by breakthrough or time limitations.
  • Wide concentration range – The unbeatable split range (splitless to 125,000:1) enables both high-concentration and trace-level samples to be analysed on the same instrument.
  • Reliable analysis – Tubes are sealed at all times with DiffLok™ caps, which simplifies automation and avoids sample contamination and/or analyte loss.
  • Reduce risk of error – The on-board TubeTAG read/write functionality automatically updates tube and sample information, meaning a robust chain of custody.

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