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Continuous on-line thermal desorber for environmental monitoring of trace‑level organic vapours

TT24-7xr is an advanced, versatile thermal desorption (TD) instrument for low-flow monitoring of airborne very-volatile and volatile organic compounds (VVOCs and VOCs) with GC–MS.

Optimised for continuous monitoring TT24-7xr incorporates twin trap technology ensuring complete sample coverage and enhanced throughput.

With advanced water management and automated stream selection between sample, standard and blank TT24-7xr is ideally suited to unattended, continuous monitoring of environmental air, material testing chambers and process gas streams.   

The TT24-7xr achieves continuous on-line monitoring using two focusing traps

The sample is first collected onto Trap A. The sample flow is then switched to Trap B, while Trap A is desorbed and the compounds analysed.

This alternating sampling/desorption process is also applied to the standard/blank and is repeated until the end of the analytical sequence.

Advantages of TT24-7xr

  • Extended sample coverage – The use of two focusing traps working in tandem ensures continuous sampling with no data gaps.
  • Wide analyte range – Trapping temperatures as low as -30ºC, backflushed trap desorption and inert, optimised flow paths allow quantitative detection of VVOCs and VOCs. Whilst single tube analysis provides detection of SVOCs up to C40
  • Effective water managementKori-xr water management modules enable simultaneous sampling of C2 and polar VOCs, including aldehydes and ketones.
  • Laboratory efficiency - Automated, unattended stream selection for easy sequencing between the samples, blank and calibration standard channels at user-defined frequencies.
  • Cost saving – The reliable electrically-cooled focusing traps eliminates the expense and inconvenience of liquid cryogenic cooling and removes the risk of ice blockages thus maximising uptime.
  • Precision and data quality – An optional internal standard accessory enables gas-phase internal standards to be introduced onto either focusing trap during analysis. This monitors the instrument performance over extended periods of continuous running, enhancing the quality of your data.
  • Laboratory integration – TT24-7xr is compatible with GC and GC–MS from all major manufacturers, minimising the upfront investment required.

Key applications

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