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UNITY–Air Server-xr

Cryogen-free automated thermal desorption system for unattended on-line air monitoring

UNITY–Air Server-xr™ is an air monitoring system that introduces a controlled flow of sample directly into an integral focusing trap, allowing automated on-line analysis of VVOCs and VOCs in air or gas. It’s ideal for round-the-clock air monitoring of volatiles such as PAMS ozone precursors and odorous species, especially in remote locations where unattended sampling at time specific intervals is necessary.

Benefits of UNITY–Air Server-xr

  • Multi-Gas UNITY-xr – for the first time, enabling certified thermal desorption instruments to be run with a choice of carrier gases: helium, nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • Unattended monitoring – With automated sequencing between sample, zero gas and calibration streams, UNITY–Air Server-xr systems enhance the quality of data acquired in field sites and mobile laboratories.
  • Versatility and performance – Higher trap capacity and better desorption efficiency means that UNITY–Air Server-xr serves a wider range of more challenging applications than other systems.
  • Reduced running costs– The electrically-cooled focusing trap avoids the need for expensive and hazardous cryogen.
  • Wide analyte range – Inert, optimised flow paths allow quantitative recovery of a wide range of analytes, including simultaneous analysis of VVOCs and polar species in humid samples using Dry-Focus3 three-stage focusing.
  • Broad range of concentrations – User-defined sampling parameters allow analysis of both high- and low-concentration samples.
  • Expanded capabilities – Because of the ability to analyse sorbent tubes (single or multiple), UNITY–Air Server-xr systems for all your VVOC, VOC and SVOC analysis requirements.
  • Intelligent software – With built-in parameters for several standard methods (including PAMS), automated self-checking diagnostics, and usage/maintenance counters, you can quickly get set-up, remotely view system status, and schedule visits.
  • Easy laboratory integration – UNITY–Air Server-xr is compatible with all major makes of GC and GC–MS.

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UNITY–Air Server-xr