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UNITY–Air Server-xr

Cryogen-free automated thermal desorption system for unattended on-line air monitoring

UNITY–Air Server-xr™ is an air monitoring system that introduces a controlled flow of sample directly into an integral focusing trap, allowing automated on-line analysis of VVOCs and VOCs in air or gas. It’s ideal for round-the-clock air monitoring of volatiles such as PAMS ozone precursors and odorous species, especially in remote locations where unattended sampling at time specific intervals is necessary.

Market-leading advantages of UNITY–Air Server-xr

  • Eliminate helium dependency – Use of hydrogen, nitrogen or helium as a carrier gas for your online analysis with our independently certified Multi-Gas Enabled UNITY–Air Server-xr™
  • Cost saving – Electrically-operated Peltier coolers allows analysis of compounds as volatile as C2 hydrocarbons without the inconvenience of cryogen, and the associated risk of flow-path ice blockages.
  • Versatility – The UNITY–Air Server-xr™ incorporates the capability for on-line monitoring and single sorbent-tube desorption. Automated 100-sorbent tube desorption can be included with the addition of the ULTRA-xr tube autosampler, allowing you to respond to new applications and customer requirements for all your VVOC, VOC and SVOC analysis.
  • Exceptional performance – Higher trap capacity and better desorption efficiency means that UNITY–Air Server-xr serves a wider range of more challenging applications than other systems.
  • Unattended monitoring – With automated sequencing between sample, zero gas and calibration streams, UNITY–Air Server-xr systems enhance the quality of data acquired in field sites and mobile laboratories. The option to run cylinder-free (using carrier gas generators) elevates the robustness of the entire system for unattended operation
  • Wide analyte range – Inert, optimised flow paths allow quantitative recovery of a wide range of analytes, including simultaneous analysis of VVOCs and polar species in humid samples using Dry-Focus3 three-stage focusing.
  • Broad range of concentrations – User-defined sampling parameters allow analysis of both high- and low-concentration samples.
  • Intelligent software – Uptime is maximised thanks to built-in parameters for several standard methods (including PAMS), automated self-checking diagnostics, and usage/maintenance counters, meaning you can quickly set-up, remotely view system status, and schedule visits.
  • Easy laboratory integration – UNITY–Air Server-xr is compatible with GC and GC–MS from all major manufacturers, minimising the upfront investment required to investigate new TD markets for your lab.
  • Reliability – with unsurpassed water management from Dry-Focus3™ (three-stage focusing) incorporated in Kori-xr™, achieve simultaneous analysis of all VOCs including polar, non-polar and monoterpenes in humid air streams, without using liquid cryogen.
Standard method


The US EPA network of Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) has required US states and local environmental agencies to use TD–GC systems to measure ozone precursors and other ultra-volatiles in areas affected by significant ground-level ozone pollution.

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UNITY–Air Server-xr