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Multi-tube sequential sampler

MTS-32™ is a compact, portable sampler for the unattended sequential sampling of air onto a series of sorbent tubes. Constant-flow pump technology ensures that the same volume of air is collected onto each tube. It’s ideal for analysts needing to monitor the concentrations of organic vapours in air as they fluctuate over extended time periods.

Benefits of MTS-32

  • Unattended operation –MTS-32 sequentially samples air on up to 32 × 3½-inch tubes, without the need for manual intervention.
  • Reliable results – Constant-flow pumping ensures consistent sample volumes regardless of tube impedance, while diffusion-locking tube technology prevents sample loss and contaminant ingress.
  • Field operation – The MTS-32 is portable, and features a protective gauze across the fan inlet to prevent particulates or wildlife from entering the unit.
  • Continuous sampling – MTS-32 runs for over 40 hours on a battery, and can also be powered by mains electricity.
  • Sample security – Patented diffusion locking technology seals the sample tubes preventing both diffussive ingress of atmospheric contaminants and loss of retained volatiles.

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