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How to optimise PFAS air sampling

Separation Science, in collaboration with Markes International, offers a presentation discussing the advantages that thermal desorption offers when overcoming the challenges posed by low-level PFAS monitoring.

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Quality and safety testing of foods and beverages

Learn how to overcome common problems associated with sampling volatiles from foods and beverages and how sensitivity can be improved using trap-enabled, extraction and enrichment methods like headspace, SPME, HiSorb high-capacity sorptive extraction and tube-based TD. Explore how automated sample preparation combined with GC×GC–TOF MS can tackle complex samples that are out of reach for traditional GC–MS, and how data handling no longer needs to be the bottleneck of analytical workflows.

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What is thermal desorption?

Thermal desorption (TD) is a versatile preconcentration technique for gas chromatography, which is used to analyse volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds from solids, liquids or gases.

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Using hydrogen as a carrier gas with -xr series thermal desorbers

Markes International’s Multi-Gas enabled thermal desorption (TD) instruments have been selected for the prestigious Innovation Awards from The Analytical Scientist – the world’s first range of TD instruments that are independently safety-certified to run using helium, nitrogen or hydrogen as carrier gas in TD–GC–MS workflows.


“Moving from helium to hydrogen for TD makes economic sense, with helium prices increasing rapidly. Many labs who have become frustrated with helium availability will find this product to their liking.”

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Schauenburg Analytics Group

Delivering technical innovations that enhance every aspect of GC–MS workflow

The analytical instrument manufacturers in the Schauenburg Analytics group harness their applications and engineering expertise to improve all aspects of GC workflows. The result is better business and scientific outcomes for both research and commercial laboratories.

The members of Schauenburg Analytics develop technologies that allow scientists around the world to improve sample throughput and maximise the quality of results. With expertise in every area from sample preparation to data-processing, they also provide the ongoing support that laboratories need to achieve success.

Discover more – Deliver more

The technologies produced by our Group companies such as Markes International and SepSolve Analytical range from world-leading thermal desorption, extraction and enrichment platforms to enhanced separation, detection and data-processing tools. Together, these tools enable scientists to discover more about their samples, and to deliver higher throughput for both research and routine applications.

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