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Application Note 038
Application note
Categories: Ambient air Thermal desorption Canister sampling Passive sampling Thermal desorption tube sampling Application note

Occupational exposure limit levels for VOCs compatible with TD–GC

Application Note 038

Growing awareness of the importance of workplace health & safety, and improved knowledge of the potential health impact of long-term exposure to chemicals, have caused general lowering of workplace limit levels for inhalation exposure to chemical vapours in recent years. For some particularly hazardous chemicals, limit levels have been reduced below the limits of detection for traditional solvent extraction methods.

Limit levels are often sub-divided into two categories: ‘maximum’ and ‘standard’.

This application note tabulates chemicals with ‘standard’ occupational exposure limits at or below 10 ppm that are compatible with analysis by TD–GC–MS.

It also provides information on sorbents, sampling methods and safe sampling volumes.

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