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Application Note 041
Application note
Categories: Thermal desorption Direct desorption Sorbent tube-based Thermal desorption tubes Application note

Analysis of the residual solvent dimethyl sulfoxide in a drug precursor

Application Note 041

Many samples require intensive sample preparation before they can be analysed by GC or GC–MS methods. Conventionally, this is carried out by a single or multi-step solvent extraction, but this can be a complex and difficult procedure for some materials – including many pharmaceuticals.

Critical aspects include selecting a solvent that is neither used in the drug manufacture nor likely to co-elute with the compounds of interest, but will completely dissolve the drug itself. Dissolution also limits the sensitivity of GC(MS) methods.

This application note describes the development of a method to analyse residual dimethyl sulfoxide in a sample of a drug precursor using direct thermal desorption.

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