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Application Note 079
Application note
Categories: Air toxics Ambient air Indoor air quality Thermal desorption Canister sampling Sorbent tube-based Canister & bag sampling Thermal desorption tubes Application note

Air monitoring – The advantages and applications of canisters and tubes

Application Note 079

Volatile (vapour-phase) organic ‘air toxics’ or ‘hazardous air pollutants’ (HAPS) are monitored in many industrial and urban environments as a measure of air quality. They range in volatility from methyl chloride to hexachlorobutadiene and trichlorobenzenes, and include some polar as well as non-polar compounds. Several national and international standard methods have been developed for air toxics and related air monitoring applications.

This application note discusses the application areas of canister-based and sorbent-tube-based sampling for VOCs, and the advantages and limitations of each approach.

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