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Application Note 080
Application note
Categories: Soil analysis Semi-volatiles Thermal desorption Thermal desorption tubes Application note

Evaluation of a ‘soil gas’ sorbent tube for improving the measurement of volatile and semi-volatile fuel vapours in contaminated land

Application Note 080

When investigating fuel-contaminated sites, soil gas measurements are used to assess the potential risk to human health from vapour intrusion into nearby buildings and to identify fuel sources for mitigation and liability management. Measurement of the most toxic individual petroleum-related compounds, such as benzene and naphthalene, and characterisation of the total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) profile are both usually required as part of the risk assessment.

This application note describes the development of a two-bed sorbent tube in conjunction with Markes’ Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ for the sampling of petroleum, diesel and kerosene vapours collected from soil gas.

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