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Application Note 098
Application note
Categories: Food Thermal desorption Direct desorption Application note

Analysis of a ‘betel-nut’ stimulant by direct thermal desorption with TD–GC–MS

Application Note 098

Food analysts have an increasing need to detect low-concentration compounds in complex matrices for both product safety and quality. Typically, these compounds contribute to the flavour and aroma of the product, but there is also concern over the presence of potentially harmful components. A case in point is the widespread use of plant-derived products for chewing in India, some of which contain components known to be a cause of oral cancer. The analysis of volatile components in complex matrices such as these is therefore important.

This application note describes the determination of the complex VOC profile of an Indian stimulant known as ‘betel‑nut’ or ‘paan’ by direct desorption of one of its component materials, followed by analysis using thermal desorption–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (TD–GC–MS).

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