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Application Note 100
Application note
Categories: Fragranced products Thermal desorption Application note

Comprehensive analysis of aroma compounds released from incense sticks using TD–GC–MS

Application Note 100

Incense sticks consist of a fuel, usually charcoal or wood powder, an optional oxidiser, any of a wide variety of aromatic plant-derived materials (such as bark, seeds, resins and essential oils), and a binder to hold the constituents of the formulation together. Given this diversity of ingredients and the potential for harmful components to be released during the burning process, the chemical constituents of incense sticks are receiving increased attention.

This application note describes the analysis of VOCs released from incense sticks using three sampling methods – a Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ for comprehensive analysis, pumped in-room sampling, and an Easy-VOC™ grab-sampler for robust sampling in challenging environments.

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