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Application Note 101
Application note
Categories: Food Thermal desorption Headspace sampling Microchamber sampling Application note

Rapid aroma profiling of cheese using dynamic headspace sampling and TD–GC–MS analysis

Application Note 101

The aroma profile is an important part of the consumer experience of cheese, and investigations have shown that a range of compounds combine to create their distinctive odours. These range from the relatively mild to the extremely pungent, and in most instances are dependent on the maturity of the cheese. This presents analysts with a substantial challenge when wishing to identify key aroma components, many of which are present at trace levels and have low odour thresholds relative to more abundant components such as fatty acids.

This application note describes the benefits of using Markes’ Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ in conjunction with thermal desorption and GC–MS to analyse the aroma profiles of cheese.

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