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Application Note 105
Application note
Categories: Fragranced products Indoor air quality Thermal desorption TT24-7 Application note

Near-real-time profiling of fragrance components and potential allergens from air fresheners using TD–GC–MS

Application Note 105

Air fresheners emit numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), amongst which are many fragrance compounds. Developing a near-real-time method of monitoring their build-up and decay in indoor air is of potential interest for manufacturers when formulating their products. Such studies are of particular value in light of a report showing the presence of carcinogens, allergens and other hazardous VOCs amongst the fragrance components in air fresheners.

In this application note we describe the use of a continuously-sampling thermal desorber in conjunction with GC–MS to monitor the build-up and decay of fragrances and potential allergens released into indoor air from a plug-in air freshener.

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