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Application Note 129
Application note
Categories: Ambient air Ozone precursors Thermal desorption Water management UNITY–Air Server-xr Application note

Extending the analysis of ozone precursors – Continuous, unattended, cryogen-free on-line monitoring of PAMS hydrocarbons and polar VOCs in ambient air by dual-column TD–GC–FID

Application Note 129

The presence of volatile hydrocarbons in urban atmospheres is believed to contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, one of the main constituents of urban smog. The compounds of interest range in volatility from acetylene to trimethylbenzene, and are generally referred to as ‘ozone precursors’.

This application note describes validation of a cryogen-free thermal desorption system with dual-column GC–FID detection for on-line monitoring of an extended range of very volatile species in ambient air, which includes ozone precursors (as specified by the US PAMS program), polar compounds and monoterpenes.

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