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Application Note 155
Application note
Categories: Thermal desorption tubes Standards and calibration Air toxics TD-100 xr UNITY-ULTRA-xr UNITY-ULTRA-xr PRO Thermal desorption tube sampling Application note Multi-Gas

TD–GC–MS analysis of VOCs in air using hydrogen carrier gas

Application Note 155

This application note demonstrates how a Markes Multi-Gas thermal desorber can operate with hydrogen carrier gas as well as it does with helium to meet all the performance criteria cited in US EPA Method TO-17, including linearity, reproducibility and method detection limits (MDLs).

Helium is a finite resource that is increasingly expensive and difficult to source as a gas chromatography carrier gas. Also, it has to be extracted and stored before being shipped around the world, giving it a high carbon footprint. Hydrogen is simple to generate using water and electricity so seems to be the obvious environmentally-friendly alternative.

Severeral of Markes’ world-leading xr-range thermal desorption systems are now certified for safe operation with hydrogen carrier gas and can be connected to any hydrogen-ready gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer. 

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