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Application Note 157
Application note
Categories: Defence Thermal desorption tubes Sorbents Prepacked sorbent tubes Sorbent tube conditioning UNITY-ULTRA-xr Active sampling Thermal desorption Application note

Advantages of using tube-based thermal desorption for monitoring chemical warfare agents at ultra-trace levels

Application Note 157

Chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and their respective simulants were analysed using Markes’ tube-based systems. The study included the use of both 89-mm (3.5-inch) standard tubes and 114-mm (4.5-inch) depot area air monitoring systems (DAAMS) tubes, desorbed using standard- or DAAMS-configured automated thermal desorbers, respectively, connected to gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) or gas chromatography–mass spectrometry–flame photometric detection (GC–MS–FPD) instruments.

Two recent TD innovations were evaluated – enhanced internal standard addition and multi-tube trap stacking – to explore what advantages they offered for monitoring CWAs at ultra-trace levels.

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