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Application Note 159
Application note
Categories: Ambient air Canister & bag sampling On-line sampling Water management CIA Advantage-xr UNITY-xr UNITY-ULTRA-xr Canister sampling Application note Multi-Gas

The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on New York City’s air quality: continuous, cryogen-free on-line monitoring of PAMS in ambient air using hydrogen carrier gas

Application Note 159

Helium is commonly used as a gas chromatography (GC) carrier gas but is a finite resource that is increasingly expensive and difficult to source. It must be extracted and stored before being shipped around the world, giving it a high carbon footprint. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is simple to generate on-site and on-demand using water and electricity, so seems to be the obvious environmentally friendly alternative.

This study demonstrates the advantages of using Markes’ Multi-Gas thermal desorption (TD) with GC and hydrogen carrier gas for the analysis of ozone precursors in air. Also presented is a case study and some new findings possible thanks to reduced traffic pollution during lockdown periods.

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