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Application Note 160
Application note
Categories: Automotive Canister & bag sampling On-line sampling UNITY–Air Server-xr Water management UNITY-ULTRA-xr CIA Advantage-xr Active sampling Thermal desorption Application note Multi-Gas Hydrogen fuel

Identification of impurities in hydrogen fuel supplies using Multi-Gas on-line TD–GC–MS systems

Application Note 160

Hydrogen fuel cells offer great potential for clean, carbon-neutral transportation; however, providing an unadulterated source of hydrogen can be a challenge. Contaminants introduced along the hydrogen supply chain could damage fuel cells, shorten component lifespan and increase pollution.

A Multi-Gas thermal desorber from Markes International was used to analyse impurities in hydrogen fuel. Performance criteria and detection limits were exceeded for a range of target compounds, complying with ISO-14687-2, ISO-21087 and ASTM D7892 standard methods.

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