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Application Note 174
Application note
Categories: Application note Drink Headspace sampling SPME

Room temperature and sensitive analysis of haloanisoles in wine using Vacuum-assisted headspace SPME with GC/ECD

Application Note 174

Using vacuum-assisted SPME with GC/ECD to quickly determine if wine is ‘corked’

Haloanisoles are well-known for creating “cork taint” in wines – the musty/moldy off-aroma which although often attributed to the cork stopper, can be widespread and affect the barrels, pipes and beams of a whole cellar.

HS–SPME followed by GC–MS or GC/ECD is widely used for the detection and quantification of haloanisoles, and here an alternative approach is presented with Vacuum–HS–SPME procedure for a faster, room temperature and more sensitive method.

Read this new application note to see a comparative study between Vac–HS–SPME and regular HS–SPME.

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