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Application Note 175
Application note
Categories: Application note Environmental Ambient air CIA Advantage-xr

Detection of ozone-depleting substances and halogenated GHGs in industrial zones with a cryogen-free preconcentration–GC–MS system

Application Note 175

Monitoring trace-level industrial pollutants in accordance with Chinese regulations

In China, air monitoring has been mandated in industrial zones that produce or use large quantities of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and greenhouse gases (GHGs).

This application note describes an automated canister-based method to collect, preconcentrate and analyse these analytes, with key features being that it operates without liquid cryogen and can handle 100% humidity ambient air. Crucially, method detection limits for the ODS and GHG targets were found to be just 0.03–0.30 ppt – lower than the reference range of the global background concentration, and so enabling even tiny fluctuations in ambient air to be monitored.

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