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Application Note 263
Application note
Categories: Environmental SPME Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform SPME fibers Application note

Improving extraction efficiency of SPME on soil samples by using SPME–trap and SPME–trap with multi-step enrichment

Application Note 263

Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) is a commonly used sampling technique for the profiling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from soil; however, the technique is limited by the amount of phase available.

The introduction of SPME–trap and SPME–trap with multi-step enrichment (MSE) is a step change towards improving sample extraction and reaching lower detection limits while strengthening confidence in compound identification.

This application note demonstrates the possibility to extend the number of identified peaks from a complex soil matrix. Utilising SPME–trap with MSE, the number of compounds identified were increased from 544 (SPME–trap) to 656.

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