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Application Note 264
Application note
Categories: Drink Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform Application note

Enhancing the sensitivity of headspace analysis using large volume preconcentration (LVP) – Trace-level GC–MS analysis of VOCs in foods and beverages

Application Note 264

The ability to detect and identify aroma and flavour VOCs is important for the food and beverage industry for reasons such as product quality, shelf life, off-odours that may lead to customer complaints, competitive product analysis and consumer organoleptic responses.

Some of these odour-active components may have very low odour threshold values at the ppb or ppt level, so their identification becomes very important.

In this application note, we show an increase in sensitivity for headspace analysis using a sample preparation technique called large volume preconcentration. This is particularly useful for the analysis of trace-level volatile organic aroma and flavour compounds in food and beverage samples.

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