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Application Note 265
Application note
Categories: Sample extraction, solids and liquids HiSorb probes Fragranced products Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform High-capacity sorptive extraction Application note

Enhanced fragrance profiling of shampoo using automated immersive high-capacity sorptive extraction with GC–MS

Application Note 265

This study shows the advantages of immersive sorptive extraction using HiSorb™ probes for GC–MS analysis of a wide range of compounds in a fragranced shampoo sample.

Characterisation of these compounds is a vital part of product development, formulation and routine quality monitoring, where the relative levels of key olfactory constituents are screened to ensure consistency is achieved, particularly for batch-to-batch production.

Key benefits include: direct extraction from the liquid phase by robust immersion of the probes, fully automated extraction and enrichment (including probe washing and drying on the Centri® multi-mode platform), ‘prep-ahead’ sample extraction functionality and high sensitivity to target analytes, particularly those at lower levels compared to the principal components.

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