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Application Note 275
Application note
Categories: Sample extraction, solids and liquids HiSorb probes Food Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform High-capacity sorptive extraction Application note

Authentic or synthetic? Discovering authenticity markers in luxury to low-cost honey varieties using a high-capacity sorptive extraction technique (HiSorb™)

Application Note 275

This study demonstrates how sorptive extraction using high-capacity HiSorb probes was used to extract aroma compounds spanning a wide volatility range from different honey samples. Automated statistical analysis was used to uncover subtle differences between the honey samples to determine possible markers of authenticity.

Honey is prone to food fraud, where either a less desirable honey is misrepresented as a more desirable one or honey substitutes are used to bulk the original product. The most common substitutes are cheap sweeteners, such as high fructose/maltose syrups, cane and refined beet sugar. Traditional authentication techniques are becoming obsolete because they involve time-consuming sample preparation and pollen analysis by specially trained analysts. As a result, a new technique is being sought.

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