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Application Note 276
Application note
Categories: Sample extraction, solids and liquids HiSorb probes Defence Forensic Environmental Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform High-capacity sorptive extraction Application note

Automated screening for trace-level explosives in water and fabrics using HiSorb™ probes and Centri® extraction and enrichment technology

Application Note 276

Automated screening for explosives from both solid and liquid samples from our surroundings would be beneficial for defence, forensic analysis and environmental monitoring applications.

Here, we demonstrate a protocol that couples robust high-capacity sorptive extraction probes (HiSorb) with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) to screen for six explosives on fabrics and in water.

Both immersive and headspace extraction procedures can be fully automated using HiSorb probes and using them for screening proved to be a versatile and sensitive approach.

Excellent signal-to-noise ratios were achieved from as little as 5 ng of each compound.

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