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Application Note 280
Application note
Categories: HiSorb probes Sample extraction, solids and liquids Food Drink Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform High-capacity sorptive extraction Application note

Headspace sampling using HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction for flavour profiling of foods and beverages

Application Note 280

This study demonstrates the performance of HiSorb high-capacity sorptive extraction probes for flavour profiling of two samples – cider and potato snacks (crisps) – contrasting the unflavoured product with those that have had flavourings added.

HiSorb is a solvent-free technique utilising a high-capacity sorptive phase to ensure good extraction efficiency and is readily applicable to both headspace and immersive sampling.

In conjunction with the Centri® extraction and enrichment platform, HiSorb is fully automatable.

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