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Application Note 284
Application note
Categories: Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform Application note Headspace sampling Food

Automated, high-sensitivity analysis of residual fumigants for food safety testing by multi-step enrichment–headspace–trap (MSE–HS–trap) with GC–MS

Application Note 284

Fumigants are volatile, poisonous chemicals sprayed as gases or mists into an enclosed space to kill pests. They are widely used on foodstuffs to prevent spoilage during shipping or long-term storage. Fumigants dissipate so there is no risk to consumers, however residues may remain on the surface of foodstuffs that can have harmful effects if ingested. This has led to regulatory bodies within the EU specifying maximum residue limits (MRLs) on the concentrations of residual fumigants that may be present in imported foodstuffs, to ensure consumer and food safety.

This application note describes how Markes’ multi-step enrichment–headspace–trap (MSE–HS–trap) and the Centri extraction and enrichment platform, with detection by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, can be used to achieve method detection limits lower than the required regulatory limits when analysing seeds and spices.

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