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Application Note 285
Application note
Categories: Application note Water analysis HiSorb probes TD-100 xr Centri – Sample extraction & enrichment platform

Highly sensitive determination of trace-level chlorophenols and common odorants in drinking and environmental waters

Application Note 285

Overcoming labour-intensive analysis for measuring water contaminants

A labour-saving, fully-automated, single method for the combined analysis of two important classes of contaminants in drinking and environmental waters – chlorophenols and common odorants – using immersive HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction and GC—MS is described in this application note. This method is highly sensitive, with limits of detection approximately 5 ng/L for chlorophenols and <1 ng/L for common odorants.

Laboratory tests confirm excellent linearity and reproducibility, while analyses of real-world samples have confirmed the method’s performance on a range of water matrices. It can also be fully automated, enabling unattended, high sample throughput of approximately 32 samples per system per day.

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