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Humidifier Accessory
Categories: Microchamber sampling Mirco-Chamber/Thermal Extractor Brochure

Humidifier Accessory

Extending the applicability of the Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor

The Humidifer Accessory supplies Markes’ Micro‑Chamber/Thermal Extractor™ (µ‑CTE™) with humidified air or gas, improving its value as a tool for emissions testing, routine quality assurance and advanced research.

Although many µ‑CTE applications use dry air/gas, in recent years there has been rising interest in the use of humidified air/gas. The Humidifer Accessory meets this demand, so allowing closer simulation of conditions used in some reference tests, and in real‑life scenarios more generally. It also improves the recoveries of some less volatile polar compounds.

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