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Multi-Gas -xr series
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Multi-Gas -xr series

Multi-Gas enabled thermal desorption (TD): The latest innovation from Markes International

A major step forward in TD–GC–MS productivity

In a world first for TD instrumentation, Markes’ Multi-Gas enabled UNITY-xr™, ULTRA-xr™, TD100-xr™ and ULTRA-xr Pro™ have all been independently certified for safe operation with hydrogen carrier gas as well as helium and nitrogen.

Choosing one of our new hydrogen-certified TD instruments protects your laboratory against future helium shortages and reduces running costs. Operating with hydrogen also increases sample throughput by as much as 50% while maintaining analytical performance. TD–GC–MS methods can be easily converted, and existing columns and consumables can be used, thus allowing fast adoption in busy laboratories.

Multi-Gas enabled technology from the world’s leading TD provider – Fast return on investment without any compromise in data quality.

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