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TC-20™ and TC-20 TAG™
Categories: Sorbent tube-based TC-20 and TC-20 TAG Sorbent tube conditioning Brochure

TC-20 and TC-20 TAG

Multi-tube conditioners for enhancing productivity of TD–GC laboratories

TC T20

This brochure describes the TC-20™ and TC-20 TAG™, compact stand-alone devices for the off-line simultaneous conditioning or dry-purging of up to 20 thermal desorption sorbent tubes.

The benefits of off-line sorbent tube conditioning:

  • Enhance laboratory productivity by freeing up your TD–GC–MS system to run samples.
  • Improve efficiency by processing multiple tubes simultaneously.
  • Lower operating costs by allowing dry nitrogen to replace more expensive helium gas.
  • Free up bench space thanks to their minimal footprint.

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