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UNITY–CIA <em>Advantage</em>-xr™
Categories: Canister sampling Whole air sampling Thermal desorption On-line sampling CIA Advantage-xr Focusing traps Brochure

UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr

Universal, cryogen-free, automated canister and whole-air sample preconcentrator

UNITY-CIA <em>Advantage</em>-xr

This brochure describes the UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr™, an universal, cryogen-free, automated canister and whole-air sample preconcentrator.

Operating entirely without liquid cryogen and in full compliance with standard canister and on-line air/gas sampling methods, Markes’ UNITY–CIA Advantage-xr systems offer a world-leading combination of productivity, performance and versatility, ensuring a fast and future-proof return on investment.

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