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Water management - Kori
Categories: Canister sampling Thermal desorption Whole air sampling Sorbent tube-based On-line sampling Water management Brochure

Novel water management solutions for thermal desorption

Monitoring trace VOCs in humid air

Air streams monitored using tubes, canisters or by on-line methods frequently contain high levels of water vapour, which can lower sensitivity, cause poor chromatography (peak shape and repeatability), and reduce column and detector lifetime.

This brochure describes Markes International's recommendations for water management using three methods:

  • Kori-xr™ water condenser for canister and on-line monitoring.
  • Nafion™ dryer for routine on-line air monitoring with conventional GC detectors.
  • Dry-purging of sorbent tubes and traps (standard in every TD system).


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