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How to use TubeTAG to track sorbent tubes during analysis
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How to use TubeTAG to track sorbent tubes during analysis

TubeTAG™ is a robust radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag that fits securely onto stainless steel or glass tubes. It allows for a more intelligent tube tracking approach (when compared with barcodes and serial numbers) whilst eliminating transcription errors: providing a chain of custody through field monitoring and lab analysis.

The use of TubeTAG is recommended by key standard methods such as US EPA Method 325.

TubeTAG is compatible with Markes’ entire range of thermal desorption systems and can easily fit to your existing industry standard tube stock.

With the use of a Markes automated thermal desorption system loaded with MIC (Markes Instrument Control) software and/or a TAGSCRIBE™, you can read and rapidly update tube and sample information such as sorbent packing, number of thermal cycles, pressure ratio, sample location and sample start/end times.

The design of TubeTAG is slightly different for stainless steel and glass tubes, but the principals and workflows are the same.

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