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Recent trends for the analysis of emerging contaminants by GC-MS
Categories: Webinar Thermal desorption Environmental PFAS

Recent trends for the analysis of emerging contaminants by GC–MS

Over the last 40 years, thermal desorption with GC–MS has been widely used to analyse VOCs and SVOC in air and materials. Many laboratories around the world routinely use the technique, but analysts continue to be presented with new challenges.

This talk covers how conventional GC–MS capabilities can be extended to analyse new organic pollutants like microplastics, PFAS, trace contaminants and air toxics, hydrogen gas impurities and breath biomarkers, using an advanced portfolio of automated thermal desorbers. Also discussed are several application examples that deliver more sample productivity to the analytical laboratory, through minimised sample preparation and unattended operation.

Key learning objectives:

  • Familiarise yourselves with key and trending applications for environmental, clinical and material emission studies
  • See how multiple methods using different sample introduction techniques can be run on the same GC–MS without user intervention
  • Learn how to get the highest sensitivity for VOC & SVOC analysis, including from aging GC–MS systems, thanks to the inherent sample pre-concentration of thermal desorption
  • Discover how to maintain high-quality standards throughout your TD–GC–MS analytical workflow

Who should watch:

  • Environmental chemists interested in the analysis of emerging contaminants like microplastics and PFAS
  • Analytical laboratory managers and associated staff running GC and GC–MS workflows.
  • Research scientists developing methods for the analysis of hydrogen fuel gas and its impurities
  • Analysts using thermal desorption as a technique for analysing VOCs & SVOCs for GC and GC–MS analysis
Laura Miles (Markes International)

As senior application specialist in the thermal desorption business unit Laura is responsible for developing new methods and testing Markes International’s suite of thermal desorbers for new and emerging applications. Laura joined Markes International as a customer support specialist in 2014 before moving to work in application development. As part of her current role Laura works closely with key opinion leaders in collaborations across a variety of market areas and she has a particular specialism in environmental analysis, breathomics and defence and forensics.

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