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Markes International expands its range of passive sampling products with radiello®
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Markes International expands its range of passive sampling products with radiello®

30 July 2021

Markes International has signed an agreement with Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri (‘ICS Maugeri’) of Italy to become distributors of ICS Maugeri’s radiello® range of passive samplers.

Radiello is a well-established range of radial diffusive (passive) sampling devices for air sampling. The range of samplers are used for a wide range of analytes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and phenols through to nitrous and sulphur dioxides, aldehydes and more.

They are used extensively for industrial hygiene and workplace monitoring situations, whereby the sampling body is fixed to a small supporting ‘badge’ which is clipped onto individuals’ clothing for the duration of the sampling period. The radiello’s radial design allows air absorption from all directions, which makes them highly effective for short sampling periods.   

Under the agreement, Markes and its network of global distributors can promote and sell the full radiello portfolio, which perfectly complements Markes’ existing range of radial diffusive POD Samplers and axial sorbent tube samplers (both passive and active – or pumped – sampling), both of which are used for the sampling and analysis of VOCs over a wide concentration range.

Markes is an acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of sampling equipment and thermal desorption (TD) instrumentation, accessories and consumables capable of analysing VOCs and SVOCs at trace levels from a wide variety of matrices. The radiello agreement will allow Markes’ customers to access to all the advantages of radiello’s passive sampling capabilities, alongside the benefits already inherent in the company’s TD instruments – such as the popular TD100-xr™ multi-tube thermal desorber and the award-winning Centri® sample extraction and automation platform.

Markes’ Director of Business Development, Massimo Santoro, said: “We are delighted to be working with ICS Maugeri and their pioneering radiello products. Our customers will now be able to access the entire radiello range through our sales network, distributors and via our online shop, not just for thermal desorption but also for headspace and liquid extraction techniques. This will obviously be very beneficial for our environmental and industrial hygiene sector customers world-over.”

ICS Maugeri’s Environmental Research Centre collaborates with external bodies on the assessment of risk of exposure to urban air pollution. Its partnership with Markes International will help to make radiello more widely available to researchers and scientists worldwide for their increasingly important air sampling work.

More information about Markes International’s radiello range is available here.

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