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Markes' technical presentations at Pittcon 2021
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Markes' technical presentations at Pittcon 2021

24 February 2021

Pittcon 2021 technical presentations from Markes International

Pitched as the world’s leading conference and exposition on analytical chemistry and scientific instrumentation, Pittcon has been a mainstay of the scientific world since its inception 62 years ago. In response to Covid-19, this year it is taking place virtually, from 08 to 12 March.

Markes will be presenting the following oral presentations and posters showcasing recent developments in VOC and SVOC analysis.

Oral presentations

  • Analytical methods to assess food quality and safety: aroma profiling of tomato product
    Abstract no. L25-03
    Wed 10 March (09:10 - 09:30)
  • Luxury to low-cost: Aroma profiling of honey for quality control
    Abstract no. L25-04
    Wed 10 March (09:30 - 09:50)
  • Increasing the sensitivity for 1,4-dioxane analysis in drinking water
    Abstract no. L14-02
    Tue 09 March (08:50 - 09:10)
  • Looking beyond the polymer: Characterisation of Microplastics by Thermal Desorption GC–MS
    Abstract no. L52-07
    Thu 11 March (15:45 - 16:05)

Poster presentations

  • Determination of odorous compounds from water by novel, fully-automated extraction techniques
    Abstract no. P010
  • Innovative techniques for screening thermally-labile explosives in textiles, soil and water
    Abstract no. P098
  • Why are we still using solvent extraction for industrial hygiene monitoring? Advances in passive sampling using thermal desorption – GC–MS.
    Abstract no. P132
  • From research to routine screening: Meeting the evolving demands of clinical breath analysis with thermal desorption
    Abstract no. P036
  • Hydrogen – the fuel of the future? Analytical strategies for monitoring volatile impurities in hydrogen fuel supply chains using Thermal Desorption.
    Abstract no. P130
  • Uncovering hidden pollutants: How does thermal desorption give research and industry the edge when analysing emerging organic contaminants?
    Abstract no. P014

These posters will be available to download from this website after the event.