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New Schauenburg Analytics Training Academy
Categories: News 2022

New Schauenburg Analytics Training Academy

17 March 2022

A new training academy for analytical chemists working with sample extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry – the Schauenburg Analytics Training Academy – has been launched by Schauenburg Analytics Ltd, the parent company of Markes International and SepSolve Analytical Ltd.

Markes has developed an enviable reputation over 25 years for its application expertise in the field of sample preparation using thermal desorption and other sample preparation and extraction and enrichment technologies.

SepSolve has also rapidly gained an excellent reputation in the fields of GC×GC separation, time-of-flight mass spectrometry and chemometric software. Both companies have also been providing training and support in these fields to support their customers in optimising their analytical workflows.

What is the Training Academy?

In response to feedback from customers, both companies have now further developed their training courses and formalised them within the Schauenburg Analytics Academy.

The Academy also offers a connection point for customers to gain access to our tailored training and consultancy services. It provides learning and development courses, offering a wide range of fully interactive online and classroom-based courses – scheduled, on-demand and customised – covering techniques and products to market and applications.

Online and classroom courses

The courses are hosted by specialists from SepSolve Analytical and Markes International from across our network of global locations, enabling scientists world-wide to access our applications and engineering expertise.

As well as the paid-for courses, the Training Academy also has a wealth of free training materials, including pre-recorded familiarisation training for our core products.

More information on the course on offer is available on the Schauenburg Analytics Academy website: