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ASTM D7859 defines a procedure for the spraying and packaging of SPF, and for the preparation of test specimens suitable for sampling in Markes' µ-CTE.

Scope of ASTM D7859

The procedures described in ASTM D7859 can be used to prepare samples of individual-component, high-pressure or low-pressure formulations of open-cell and closed-cell SPF. Prepared samples are analysed using Markes' µ-CTE dynamic headspace sampler in conjunction with TD–GC–MS.

Similar procedures are also applicable to existing installed SPF, or to the pre-formed blocks of polyurethane foam (PUF) used in furnishings.

What is the process described in ASTM D7859?

In brief:

  • The SPF is sprayed onto a section of high-density polyethylene.
  • After curing, it is packaged in an airtight bag for transport to the laboratory.
  • A cylindrical section is cut out using a dedicated μ-CTE SPF Sample cutter.
  • This section is transferred to one of the chambers of the μ-CTE and sampling is conducted in accordance with a separate method, ASTM D8142.

Complying with ASTM D7859

Markes International is the only manufacturer of micro-chamber equipment and associated supplies that allow compliance with ASTM D7859 (and ASTM D8142).

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