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The UK Environment Agency protocol LFTGN 04 sets out guidance on sampling and analysis of trace-level organic compounds in gaseous emissions from landfill.

What does LFTGN 04 specify?

A key consideration for monitoring of landfill gas is the broad analyte range and the presence of sulfur compounds, which may decompose on non-inert surfaces within the analytical system.

To address these requirements, LFTGN 04 specifies inert-coated stainless steel tubes for sampling, packed with two sorbent beds that together cover an analyte range from vinyl chloride to n-C30.

Water management using LFTGN 04

The high humidity of landfill gas is an added complication for analysts complying with LFTGN 04, because the presence of excess water can cause reproducibility issues during analysis. However, this can be dealt with by:

  • Minimising the volume of sample taken.
  • Performing a ‘dry purge’ before tube desorption.
  • Using a relatively high split ratio.

Complying with LFTGN 04

As set out in LFTGN 04, thermal desorption is a powerful approach to the analysis of VOCs in landfill gas that offers numerous advantages, both in terms of performance and laboratory efficiency.

Markes’ tube-based UNITY-xr and TD100-xr systems comply fully with the requirements of LFTGN 04, and we also offer accessories such as low-flow pumps and dedicated sorbent tubes.

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