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ACTI-VOC PLUS™ is a robust fast-flow pump kit for sampling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) onto sorbent tubes for analysis using thermal desorption (TD). With an extended flow range compared to the ACTI-VOC, ACTI-VOC PLUS is ideal for sampling semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), where the flows required are in the region of 300–500 mL/min.

  • Enables sampling of precise volumes of air at constant-flow (20–500 mL/min).
  • Long battery life ensures stable performance over 8 hours.
  • Programmable and allows recording of sample data.
  • Carry-case protects the pump from damage during storage and shipment.
  • User-replaceable filter and battery, for reduced down-time during maintenance.

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ACTI-VOC PLUS fast-flow pump kit Image

ACTI-VOC PLUS fast-flow pump kit

Includes CapLok tool and carry case

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Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS Image

Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS

Spare filter assembly

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Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS Image

Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS

Spare inlet filter- 10 pack

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Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS Image

Spare part- for ACTI-VOC PLUS

Spare battery pack

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Each ACTI-VOC PLUS kit contains:

  • ACTI-VOC PLUS fast-flow sampling pump
  • PTFE tubing and adaptors, for connecting the sorbent tube to the pump
  • Back-pressure adapter, for low-flow sampling (20–100 mL/min)
  • Luer adapter, for connecting DNPH cartridges
  • CapLok tool
  • Tool for flow mode adjustment
  • Docking station with mains charger
  • Spare filters for the air inlet
  • Carry-case

Using ACTI-VOC PLUS in combination with multi-bed sorbent tubes allows the full power and versatility of TD to be realised: analytes over a wide volatility range (about C2/3 to n-C44) can be sampled simultaneously and analysed in one analytical run.

The intuitive interface with friendly key-pad operation offers a simple user experience and minimises training efforts. It is intrinsically safe (ATEX-approved) and programmable to allow sampling from a chosen start time at a pre-set duration and flow rate, which provides flexibility for unattended monitoring. Data from up to 16 sampling events can be stored on the pump for reference or subsequent recording.

ACTI-VOC PLUS in constant-flow mode automatically compensates for different tube impedances, ensuring constant flow rates are achieved for varying back-pressures, which minimises calibration effort and setup time.

The pump has a long battery life with a visible charge indicator on screen, and can charge in less than four hours. It is compatible with thermal desorption tubes in constant-flow mode up to a maximum of 500 mL/min. With Markes’ SafeLok tubes, ACTI-VOC PLUS can also be used in constant-pressure mode for alternative applications, up to a maximum of 5 L/min.

Part numbers:
C-FFP-01 - SERFFP-1002 - SERFFP-1003 - SERFFP-1004


ACTI-VOC PLUS Instruction for use

ACTI-VOC PLUS brochure