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Sampling and analysis of volatile PFAS in air
Categories: PFAS Webinar Thermal desorption

Sampling and analysis of volatile PFAS in air

The measurement of volatile PFAS in air (indoor, ambient and industrial) is a rapidly increasing field of interest, due to both human health and environmental concerns. Analytical techniques typically used for water and soil samples such as LC–MS are not applicable to the short chain volatile compounds. Advanced thermal desorption (TD) GC–MS systems were designed specifically for monitoring trace-level organic vapours, and recent developments in automated TD technology have meant these methods can be applied to an increasing number of more challenging compounds, including volatile PFAS.

This webinar will outline the sampling and analysis using advanced thermal desorption–GC–MS for the identification and quantitation of volatile PFAS in air.

Presented by Carlos Gil

Carlos is a professional with over 20-year experience in analytical chemistry with a focus on sample preparation and sample introduction techniques mainly for GC–MS. He is graduated engineer in Applied Chemistry, and is currently Business Development Manager for Schauenburg Analytics (the parent company of Markes International), supporting customers and partners in finding the best possible analytical solutions, following new analytical trends and initiating collaborations.

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Sampling and analysis of volatile PFAS in air