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Markes International

Thermal desorption instrumentation

World-leading thermal desorption instruments for GC | Tubes, canisters and online

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MTS 32


Multi-tube sequential sampler

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MCTE120 And MCTE250 With Tubes

Micro-Chamber/Thermal Extractor

Fast and flexible sampling of chemical and odours released from materials and food

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Kori Xr From Left


Cryogen-free water management module for online and canister samples

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TC 20 Tubes Side Mounted

TC-20 & TC-20 TAG

Conditioning and dry-purging units for multiple sorbent tubes

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Unity Xr. RF


Single-tube thermal desorption unit with unmatched upgradability

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TD100 Xr (Door Closed) From Right


Multi-tube thermal desorber for high-throughput automated analysis

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