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ASTM D8142 defines a procedure for the analysis of SPF samples using Markes' µ-CTE and TD–GC–MS.

VOC and SVOC sampling in accordance with ASTM D8142

ASTM D8142 specifies the μ-CTE-250 model for sampling volatiles released from SPF. This instrument has four small cylindrical chambers, and allows the rapid sampling of volatile emissions from pre-prepared samples.

The samples, which are prepared as described in a separate method (ASTM D7859), are then loaded into Markes' µ-CTE dynamic headspace sampler, before being sampled onto two types of tubes:

  • Tube A is suitable for volatile and semi-volatile compounds, because it allows sampling for longer durations without overloading the tubes with blowing agent.
  • Tube B is suitable for smaller-volume sampling of the very volatile compounds.

How are the tubes analysed using ASTM D8142?

Once the emitted chemicals have been collected on sorbent tubes using the μ-CTE-250, they are analysed by TD–GC–MS in accordance with ISO 16000-6 or US EPA Method TO-17.

Complying with ASTM D8142

Markes International's systems are the only ones available that comply fully with the requirements of ASTM D8142 and all the associated methods.

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