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Carrier gas purifier

The use of carrier gas purifiers is recommended with any analytical system to avoid contamination with hydrocarbons, oxygen and/or water. These are typically purchased and installed at the point of GC–MS setup, and should be monitored and replaced routinely. Markes recommends a helium purifier when using BenchTOF.

  • Helium purifier contains multiple sorbents for removal of various contaminants
  • Packed under helium to prevent off-gassing
  • Sits in-line, and connects with 1/8″ Swagelok fittings

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Carrier Gas Purifier C HEPUR 01

Gas purifier- Helium

1/8" fittings- 250 psig

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To enable optimal performance of the most sensitive GC–MS instruments, ultra-high purity helium is required. Markes recommends a speciality helium purifier when working with BenchTOF in order to remove oxygen, water, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, giving an output gas that is 99.99999% pure.

The maximum flow capacity is 8 L/min and the stated life is 13 standard cylinders of 99.999% helium (when the level in the incoming gas does not exceed 10 ppm). The maximum pressure is 250 psig.

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